Unclaimed Property/Missing Heirs

Our law firm regularly reviews government data and records to locate unclaimed property and lost inheritances. We contacted you because a search we performed indicated that you, or a relative, or someone you might know is owed money that has gone unclaimed. Most of the assets that we discover are not available by an Internet search and it is unlikely you will ever be notified of their existence without the efforts of our firm.

To date, our law firm has recovered over $4 million in lost inheritance and unclaimed property. Some of the successful cases include:

  • $400,000 or an individual residing in Illinois;
  • $264,000 for an Estate;
  • $234,000 for individual residing in Maine;
  • $183,000 for a business partnership;
  • $118,000 for an individual residing in California;
  • $115,000 for an Estate; and
  • $100,000 for a Fortune 500 company.

If you would like more information about the money we found for you, call us at 312-782-7320, or email mdt@tewstheisenlaw.com.

The claims process can take time-the sooner you begin, the sooner we can file a claim on your behalf!